Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I LOVE Eating Out!

I sure have had writers block lately. I haven't known quite what to post on, and with new hobbies at home and new projects at work, there isn't much time to develop anything that interesting. I have been working on something though that I hope to start tomorrow. . .but I better wait and see if I get my ducks in a row before I announce anything.

My DD and DS are out of town this week on their first mission trip with the church youth group. I had hoped to post some pictures here for my most loyal readers (hi Mom and Dad), but I can't quite get the pictures off the youth group site like I had hoped. Anyway, kids are several states away and DH and I find ourselves with some VERY blessed alone time this week, which has lead to many nice motorcyle rides. The past couple of nights our rides have lead to dinner. Monday at Joe's Crab Shack and last night to Rock Bottom Brewery, both establishments are fantastic places to enjoy with a loved one by the way. Beer and a bucket of crab legs. . .can the week possibly get any better than that?

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