Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally Friday Fun - A New Apron For Me

Well, it isn't as pretty as I had hoped, but it isn't as ugly as I feared either. I have only been wanting a pretty new apron for about a year now, but each time I have gone to buy one I have felt like the money could really be better used elsewhere so I haven't ordered one yet.

I have found once again, that waiting to purchase something often pays off in the end. See, I ordered some new goodies from Mary Jane's Farm a couple of weeks ago and one of the items that I ordered was a copy of her 9th issue, the Artists in Aprons Magazine. In that issue she gave instructions for making an apron out of hankies. Well, my DH has never worn hankies that I am aware of, but I have a ton of bandanas lying around the house due to our frequent motorcycle rides and I thought they may just work. And they would have, but a trip to JoAnn Fabric for some supplies for DD had me looking at new bandanas and since they were cheap, I decided to buy a couple of new ones for my apron project. I think in total, with ribbon, bandanas, and new sewing needles I spent under $10 for my apron. Now in my mind, that is a deal, as most of the aprons online that I was looking at were at least $30 or $40!

Two things I will change about this apron when I make my next one (yes, now I need one in every color and seasonal design). First, the bandanas that I purchased were large, I didn't note the size, but they are not hankie size and so my apron is too big. So secondly, if I use this size in the future, I will not include the side flaps that the pattern calls for.

She sure isn't sell worthy, but this new apron that I made with my own two hands makes me smile every time I look at it. And while DD is sure it is a fire hazard, I will be careful and wear my apron with great pride. I can do it!

Vintage Wedding Refashioned Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

I am constantly amazed by the things I find on this site! Today's giveaway dress is simply amazing.

If you get a chance, head on over and check it out!
Vintage Wedding Refashioned Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Finally Friday Fun - Stephen King's N.

I am not sure exactly how I stumbled upon it, but I have found another site that I just HAVE to check daily; the nishere site. If you are a Stephen King fan at all, you really should check it out. It seems he has written a bunch of short stories that will be available in September, and in what can only be described as marketing geneous, he has released one of those stories in a short mini-series comic book video format. You really have to see it to believe it, but it is really well done and actually quite captivating.

For more information on this series, you can check out the Press Release here. The series began on July 28 and will continue to realease at the one per weekday rate until August 29. Be warned, if you like Stephen King, this will be quite addicting.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bikes and Bonfires

This past Saturday was darn close to a perfect day for me. It started by being a Saturday, which means I got to sleep in till 8 am, and on this particular Saturday, I awoke to a hotel rooom, where DH and I had spent the previous evening after attending a wedding. We lounged around for a bit then hit the streets to find a cozy river front cafe where we enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee and made some plans for the coming month. Plans shored up, we were then off on the motorcycles to visit an Uncle of DH's to sit and catch up on a beautiful deck surrounded by family. After lots of stories and catching up, we headed south to pickup our children and hold some baby nephews for a while. We did cuddle for just a bit and were then back on the road to visit my family, again on the motorcycles. The picture on the left shows us tired, but very happy after a day of riding.

I think the perfect ending to our day was the bonfire (and toasted marshmallows) that gave us that "camping" feeling without having to share a bed with bugs and such. Does it get better than this?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun Ride - Bear's Camp

As the summer progresses, my dear family and I are taking lots and lots of road trips on our motorcycles. One night last week we decided to go check out the Chicago Bears training camp down in Bourbonnais, IL. Here are some pictures that we got while we were there. . .Go Bears!!

And here is the actual practice that we saw. . .they look so small up close. . .

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I LOVE Eating Out!

I sure have had writers block lately. I haven't known quite what to post on, and with new hobbies at home and new projects at work, there isn't much time to develop anything that interesting. I have been working on something though that I hope to start tomorrow. . .but I better wait and see if I get my ducks in a row before I announce anything.

My DD and DS are out of town this week on their first mission trip with the church youth group. I had hoped to post some pictures here for my most loyal readers (hi Mom and Dad), but I can't quite get the pictures off the youth group site like I had hoped. Anyway, kids are several states away and DH and I find ourselves with some VERY blessed alone time this week, which has lead to many nice motorcyle rides. The past couple of nights our rides have lead to dinner. Monday at Joe's Crab Shack and last night to Rock Bottom Brewery, both establishments are fantastic places to enjoy with a loved one by the way. Beer and a bucket of crab legs. . .can the week possibly get any better than that?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Book Review - The Shack by William P. Young

My mom bought me a copy of this book and said I just had to read it. As usual, Mom was right! This book is amazing, and it is right up there with Randy Alcorn's books on the same theme. I was drawn to Randy Alcorn's books after my first reading of Deadline. Randy is a Christian author who takes what I have found to be a somewhat unique perspective on Heaven. None of us knows for sure what Heaven will be like, but how many of us have really considered what it may be like? Revelation reveals to us what the end of this Earth will be like, but does it really explain what Heaven will be like before the end times? After the end times? I can't answer that, but I have learned from Randy that challenging preconceived ideas of Heaven can be a rewarding exercise that usually brings me to a deeper appreciation for the God of the universe. Like Randy Alcorn did with Heaven, William P. Young has also encouraged me to go back to scripture to check out his assumptions, and mine, about who God is and what he expects.

So while I may not agree with every idea William P. Young puts forth in his book, I think that it is a very good book for adults to read. I think that people who will read this book, and then go back to scripture and look for answers to questions that it will raise will really enjoy it and get a lot out of it. I am even going to encourage my DD to read this book, as I think she has a deep enough theological basis to read it from. But be warned, some of the ideas in this book are not traditional. I believe that the main point of the book is very scripturally sound and is therefore good for instruction and has redemptive value.

One more word of caution; have plenty of tissue handy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Snakes Are Lucky - Tales From VBS

So DD and I (and a couple of days DS too) spent last week volunteering as “Crew Guides” for the Vacation Bible School program at our church. For the most part it was a lot of singing, listening to Bible stories and doing cute crafts. We also had a community focus this year, and we got to see our Mayor, create some things for use in our community and we even got to meet one of our town's firefighters, which was a huge hit with the kids.

It was during our Question and Answer time with our local firefighter that I was reminded of how hilarious kids can be. The Question and Answer went something like this:

Church Boy: What do you do when you get to a house and you break down the door and go in and see all the people with their shirts nailed to the ceiling?

Firefighter: Ahhhh, what do you mean? I have never seen that.

Church Boy: Well, you know, in a fire the best air is up high, so the family would be there.

Firefighter: NO, the best air is down near the floor, in a fire, crawl on the floor and do not stand up.

Church Boy: (long pause) Snakes are lucky.

Friends, you can’t pay for that kind of humor! I don't know if this story translates well via blog, but let me tell you that the retelling of this story has caused hours of laughter for DD, DS and I. If you haven’t volunteered with kids lately, it may just do you some good.

Monday, June 30, 2008

I Am Going to Quit. . .

I am going to quit taking myself too seriously, instead I am going to be silly and embarass my children and learn to really live.

I am going to quit looking over my shoulder to see who may be watching me and instead live my life and make my decisions based on what I think.

I am going to quit always looking forward to tomorrow to be better, more fun, more perfect, and instead marvel at the glory of today.

I am going to quit eating like there is no tomorrow and dieting like I need to loose 50 pounds. I am going to eat in moderation and exercise to make up the difference.

I am going to quit going home to sit on my sofa and watch the fascinating lives of those people on TV who will never be like me or have a life like mine. I am going to start spending more time with people I know and care about.

I am going to quit putting God last and wondering why He always feels so far away. I am going to start putting Him first again and then marvel at the relationship that develops.

Today is Monday, and I am gonna quit writing and get out and live!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Documenting a First

I did something last night that I have never done before, as a reward to myself for two weeks without a cigarette. I got a message! I haven't done this before because to be honest it has always seemed sort of extravagent to me, but I have been saving a first time special price coupon for a couple of months just waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it.

I went to a place called Message Envy, and they still have the coupon available for first time visitors. They have many locations in many states, so have a look to see if there is one by you. A word of warning, they will try to sell you on their monthly membership when you are done, but that wasn't a bit deal and a polite not today was enough. Regular price is $78 for an hour, but with the first time coupon this is a treat you should try if you can.

From the soft music, to the dim lighting, everything you need to relax is provided, and everything is done to your comfort level. Beverages are offered, soft meditation type music plays over the speakers in the building, the therapist talks softly if at all and the bed and blankets are warm and inviting. I was worried that the 50 minutes would go by slowly, but it was over before I knew it and I felt relaxed and comfortable. Unfortunately, it helped me sleep so deeply that I overslept this morning for the first time in years, but it was worth it!

While a monthly membership may be much too extravagant, I can certainly see myself asking my family for this nice perk once a year on birthdays or something. . .or saving up just a bit myself for the chance to go once a year!