Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Road Trip - NYC or Bust

DD, my mom, and I are all headed to NYC for the weekend! I am so excited. I haven't been since moving away from that area over 10 years ago now. We are headed to Broadway to see a show for sure, the rest is still being decided. With the cost of airplane tickets, it will actually be cheaper for us to drive, so it is a road trip for us. Besides, getting there is half the fun anyway. I LOVE to drive, especially from state to state. I get such a sense of accomplishment and adventure from driving long distances. I also really enjoy stopping along the way to eat and see the local sights, you know, be part of a bigger picture.

We will be going to see the show Curtains while we are in NYC. My DD also wants to see Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, do some 5th Ave shopping, visit Times Square, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art . I am hoping to get to the New York Public Library, as that is the one site I have not seen yet and I want to see the lions. I would also like to go back to South Street Seaport, as this was a favorite spot for us to visit and take family and friends when we lived in NJ. It is a big list and we will really only be there 2 days. . .so we will be doing much walking and quickly taking some photo ops before moving on to our next destination. However, it will be fun and I can't wait to share this experience with DD.

NYC. . .he we come. . .

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