Monday, February 11, 2008

Review - Disney on Ice

This weekend DD and I did something neither of us has done before. We went to see a Disney Ice Show. When the kids were little, there was never enough time or money to do this. I was a bit afraid as I was buying our tickets that my DD would perhaps be too old and think I had gone off the deep end for taking her as a teenager. I was also a bit afraid that the show would be too cheesy and we would both end up hating me for having wasted a Saturday afternoon.

It was cheesy, the acting was horrible, but we had fun! Disney's High School Musical: The Ice Tour is what it is suposed to be, a cute ice show. We liked the costumes, the skating, and the music. Yeah to Disney for having the music be the original music from the movies. It was basically a musical review of the first and second High School Musical Movies. We had seen the first one on the Disney channel, and there too, the acting is horrible, but the music is good and the story is light and funny.

We paid $10 for a bucket of popcorn and $12.50 for an Icee in a souvenir cup so if you do go to one of these shows, I recommend that you not buy anything there, but then again, isn't that part of the fun?

Overall, we decided that we would definitely do this again, even if it was the Disney Princesses Show! It was a great way to spend a very cold Saturday afternoon in Chicago. Besides, a trip to the United Center is always fun.

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