Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Hump Day Shopping - Flowers and Plants

I can't help it, this beautiful sun-shiney weather here in Chicago-land today has me dreaming of summer gardening, and all that I want to do and plant this year. So I thought I would share those dreams and also just keep a list for myself of what I want to do.

First and most importantly, I need to fill in my new flower bed with, well, flowers. I thought I would be easy on myself this first time out so I ordered a pre-planned garden from Spring Hill Nursery. It includes Bellflowers, Daisys, Climbing Clematis and Dragon's Blood Sedum and I absolutely can't wait for these plants to arrive so I can plant them and watch them grow.

I was crusing some gardening blogs and came across some really helpful ones. Over at In the Garden Online, I saw a link to the Michigan Bulb Co. My intention was just to compare prices, but I find myself today trying to talk myself out of buying some Blue Moon Hydrangea plants as well as some Everbearing Strawberries. Both are so nice though, and I am so determined to develop a green thumb. . .and for $20 can I really go wrong anyway?!

That will probably be all for my in-ground planting this year, but stay tuned, I am planning a container veggie garden that I will write about in the coming days. . .

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