Friday, May 30, 2008

Book Review - Thunderhead

I really enjoyed Thunderhead by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child! I didn't get through it as quickly as I would have liked, but I did enjoy the journey. I found the setting, characters and plot of this book all very refreshing and well done.

This is my first Preston/Child adventure, and I have to say that I will indeed be back for more fun. Although, I supose that the word "fun" may not be quite correct, as the setting for this mystery is a bit darker than the lighter mysteries I had been reading. This book is set mostly in the "redrock canyon country of southwestern Utah" and deals with the darker side of the local Native American life, like death and witchcraft. It is the setting, which is so wonderfullly done though that first sets the standard for this fascinating page turner.

I also found the depth of character development so well done in for such a short book with so many interesting characters. There are several secondary characters whose personalities are just so strong that the reader feels drawn into their struggles and can easily understand their struggles and triumphs. There are several heros and a few villians and the reader is lead to identify with each of them in interesting ways. I really enjoyed the journey through to understanding each character and what made them tick.

I believe it is the mix of mystery and adventure, teamed with spirituality and culture that make this book such an interesting read. I was really drawn in by the mystery at first, but then I got wind of the adventure that was forming, only to be further sucked in by the culture and sprirituality of the Anasazi people. I just can't overstate here how entertaining this book was. In fact, I am now adding the rest of the books written by these authors to my "Must Read" list.

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