Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cafe Thursday - 5 Somewhat Healthy Snacks

My DD and I are trying very hard to adopt a new healthy way of eating and snacking. After years of unhealthy habits, it is hard, but there are a few really delicious snacks that help us stay on track. I thought I would share them here, some are healthier than others, so eat at your own risk. . .

1. Veggies with Ranch or Veggie Dip - I know, the dip is a bit questionable, but come on, as long as we all are getting more veggies in us. . .let them have the white goo.

2. Chips and Salsa - Meijers has an organic blue corn chip with sesame seeds that are soooooo good, and relatively good for you. Put some salsa in a bowl with some diced alvacado and you have a healthy snack with lots of antioxidents.

3. Fruit - All the kids I know have at least one favorite fruit, so go ahead and fill up a bowl of their favorites and set it right in the middle of your table.

4. Smoothies - Now that summer is here, it is so easy to find fresh, ripe fruit that a sweet smoothie is super easy. I use 100% juice, yogurt (regular or soy), a banana and whatever fruit I have handy. If you add some whey protein to this it can even be a healthy meal replacement.

5. Nuts & Raisins - When I was growing up my Mom would mix peanuts and candy corn together for my dad and I love that snack. Now that I am older, I try to stay away from candy and don't let my kids have it much either. But I have found that adding raisins to any healthy nut is a great snack that fills me up when I am out and about.

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