Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Counselor/Job Coach Part

I have often wished that someone would have sat down with me as a teenager and gone over my passions, desires, and goals for my life. I wish they would have encouraged me to talk to professionals doing jobs I thought I may want to do so I could talk to them and perhaps even shadow them for an hour or two to get a feel for what I may want to be when I grew up.

So when I got my daily updates from the Career Builder website with a link to the following article posted there and I saw what some career options for the future look like, I started thinking of careers my talented daughter and smart son could pursue after college.

Potential Jobs:

  • Anesthesiologist - potential salary is $225,000
  • CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist) - potential salary is $128,127
  • Senior Database Administrator - potential salary is $93,300
  • Technical Support Specialist - potential salary is $49,100
  • Call Center Manager - potential salary is $53,800
  • Civil engineer - potential salary is $57,200
  • Project engineer - potential salary is $65,200
Can you tell which one I recommend? If you are good at math and science, then there is no reason not to go for the anesthesiologist. . .right? If you are going to have debt, you may as well have a career that will quickly help get you out of debt. Work is work, you may as well look for something you won't hate that makes good money for you and your family, and will allow for the kind of lifestyle you want. All of these factors should be part of your thought process as you decide on a career.

So what exactly is an Anesthesiologis? For more information on exactly what an Anesthesiologist does, there are some good websites to check out. Again, Mom's bias may be evident.

Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society
University of Southern California Keck School
Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Michigan

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