Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The Hidden Side of a Leaf is an interesting blog that I plan to read for the next few days. It is a books blog. It has some nice reviews and some great recommendations for reading (I haven't seen a post anywhere else for the Coraline book by Neil Gaiman).

A post from October 21st caught my attention. It seems Joshua Henkin, author of the new book MATRIMONY is giving away a book. This book was a Booksense Pick for October, so it must be good. And I do have to admit, I am a bit curious about this book. Marriage is a fascinating topic, and those who do it well have much to teach if we will listen. I am hoping this book will show marriage as exciting, and crazy and boring as it is. . .for marriage is like life. . .it is fun and crazy and boring, but to really be good at it. . .it takes everything you have and rewards you just for trying!

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