Friday, October 26, 2007

Music Teacher

Today, I need to be a music teacher for my talented daughter. She has played the flute in the band for about 5 years now, and suddenly wants to play sax in the jazz band. She has just borrowed a sax from a friend and has to teach herself how to play. I now have to admit that I have always harbored a secret desire to play the sax myself (having been a trumpeter in my own high school band) so I plan to list some sites for us all to learn to play the sax.

A very basic beginning site is this one. Some good tips for purchasing, holding, and beginning notes on the sax. A great site for some basic tips and some basic song suggestions is this one hosted by the BBC. This last site also has a link to what looks like a pretty detailed fingering chart at The Woodwind Fingering Guide. There is also a basic getting started guide on eHow.

And YouTube of course has a couple of nice how to videos.

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Britney said...

Thanks for the video! It was slightly helpful and I'm doing a lot better on the sax!