Friday, October 19, 2007

Twilight Book Review

I don't have many talents, but one may just be that I can read a good book of fiction in record time. I am going to add book reviews to my blog because. . .well, because I can.

I just fininshed reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, and I LOVED it.

My daughter actually checked this book out of her high school library and was too afraid to read it. She had heard from her friends that this was a good book, but then realized it was about Vampires. This fact, that the book is a love story that includes a vampire, had me almost skipping over it too. But my curiosity won out. I had seen it on Amazon a few times and always seen rave reviews, and so I figured I could read the first chapter of it and put it down if I didn't get too hooked. By the end of the first chapter I wasn't hooked, but I wasn't bored either so I continued on.

I believe it was about the middle of the second chapter where I became hooked, and honestly couldn't put this book down!

I admit, although I am what I would classify as an avid reader, I like junk food books, I am not a caviar loving book snob. While I have enjoyed some of the classics, like A Tale of Two Cities and Anna Karenina, I have to read these slow and steady, or on tape. This is one of the best books I have read, ever!

I remember having to sneak around as a teenager to gobble up Forever by Judy Blume. My mother would have been horrified if she had known that I was reading books about teenagers having sex. But I was, and teenage girls will always want to know about true love and how other people deal with the whole sex question. That is why I find Ms Meyers' take on this so interesting. I am sure that at some point in one of the follow up books, she will have to address this, but abstinence is the only choice when your boyfriend struggles not to kill every time he simply smells you. Let's face it, now days, one sexual encounter with the wrong person could kill our girls. To have this incredibly romantic book focus so. . .convincingly on how incredible it can be to develop a relationship without extreme physical contact is. . .well. . .amazing!

I look forward to the conversations I will have with my daughter once she is finished with this book.

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