Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happiness is Friends and Fun

I finished reading Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury last night and was reminded of a good friend of mine. Like Mr Halloway, Stef reminds me that laughter can keep away death itself. Life is way too serious most of the time and it is way too short to go through it with worry, and pain, and such tragedy!

So, it is in honor of Stef, I want to list some sites that help me keep smiling when Stef is away at school:
A great site that is all about escaping adulthood. They have everything from tips on how to be more childlike to toys and books and pictures to help you take a break.
My favorite site for letting loose and nuturing my inner geek. Not to mention this is a great site to get fun gifts for that geek friend we all have!
While I am still not positive that I believe the places Alexander tells us about exist, this blog gives me real hope that I will one day be happy at work. Great tips and ideas about changing things so you can get to that place.

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