Monday, March 24, 2008

Fasting for Healthy Mind and Body

A few weeks ago my DB challeneged me to take part in a fast with him. I wasn't excited about it, but told him I would do it. DD is also doing it, and her only stipulation was that we wait until after her birthday and Easter to start.

So it is that I find myself this morning beginning a 20 day fast. We are doing the Daniel Fast, which is basically only fruit, veggies, nuts and water. No animal products, yeast, or caffine, of course it is the latter that has me the most sad this morning. I LIVE on coffee, I drink it all day long in fact. I guess anything I am that dependant on must go, before it becomes some kind of idol, but boy this is harder than I thought it would be and it isn't 9 am yet!

I am interested to see if I feel any healthier or if some of my bad sugar and wheat addictions are cured after this fast. I did the Atkins Diet 5 years ago and stuck with it for a couple of years and lost 50 pounds, and I know from that experience that once you get a week in, the cravings for sugar and carbohydrates do leave. I am also taking this time to try and become more spiritual. I want to focus on my faith and my family just a bit more. I will be documenting my spiritual journey in my daily devotional blog.

Here's to a quick and successful 20 days!

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