Monday, March 31, 2008

Music Monday - I LOVE Online Radio

I will admit it, Iam easily bored with repetitive music. I can not listen to the same old CDs over and over again. I need variety, spice, something different from time to time.

For that reason, it seems more economical for me to find ways to listen to the radio than to try and buy enough CDs to keep my interest. I have found two sites recently that I absolutely adore and so I thought I would point them out here in case anyone else needs something to listen to.

First, if you find yourself easily annoyed at the pre-fab radio stations that play one song you like for every 5 you can't stand, give Pandora a shot. This online radio station allows you to pick an artist or even a single song and build a playlist around it of songs or artists that you enjoy.

Next, if you are feeling that you need a bit of a spiritual boost, Moody Radio is doing some neat things. They have 3 new audio channels; Inspiration, Majesty and Conference. I have been listening to the Inspiration Channel an find that it puts a gentile happy spin on my day when it is quietly playing in the background while I work. The songs are great and incredibly uplifting. I have not tried the other two audio channels yet, but am anxious to do so when I have some more free time.

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