Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sleep Specialist: 5 Tips for an Insomniac

My daughter is a worrier. She comes by it naturally, as I worry about everything too. The difference between us? Her worrying keeps her up and mine gives me reprieve at night.

We have recently come up with some things that we do that help her sleep easier, at least a bit.

1. Take a shower. I recommend a bathbomb or some bubbles, a good book for teens, and some soothing tea.

2. Have a quick conversation with Mom. Teenage girls need to have some sense of connectedness with the feminine side. . .so a quick conversation on any topic with any female will probably yield the same result.

3. Read your Bible. The Holy Spirit is our comforter, a quick prayer for wisdom and a even reading just one verse will allow our minds to focus on God rather than us and all our problems.

4. Journal about what you have read. I don't personally think it matters what you write, but just writing something for an overthinker seems to help unconfuse the mind and help one to relax a bit.

5. Pray till you fall asleep. My mom once told me that the Devil would rather not bug you and keep you worrying if all you are gonna do about it is pray. I don't know how theologically correct this is, but it has always worked for me. . .I can always fall asleep praying for or thanking God for all the great people in my life!

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Brit said...

These are great tips and they help me sleep so much better!