Monday, November 12, 2007

Best Kitchen Cleaning Tip EVER

I spent much of this past weekend cleaning my kitchen. I know, I am supposed to clean my house little by little every day, but come on; I don't always have time for that. Besides, I like having a lazy dinner and then catching up with the kids and watching our favorite TV shows together during the week. That leaves the weekend for deep house cleaning, and while I was whitening my stove this weekend, I was thankful once again for the best cleaning tip my mother ever gave me.

It was shortly after I got my brand new shiny white oven. Mom was there on Thanksgiving and I was pouting over my white burners no longer being white. Mom asked if I had any SOS pads and suggested I try those. They worked! My burners looked brand new, and NOTHING cuts through grease on counters, floors and tables like those little SOS pads. They even worked pretty well on my shiny sink.

A follow-up tip: if you have a red wine or red juice stain on anything white, try the Magic Eraser. I am not sure what this thing is made of, but we even got out dark blue dye from a friends antique wood table with this little gem.

I get mine from, inc. It is quick, easy, and usually delivered (for free) in a day or two. I save even more money by not going to the drugstore on my corner and filling my cart with things I had no intention of buying.

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