Friday, November 2, 2007

Student of teen culture

I had an intersting conversation last night with my teenagers about, well, lots of things, but mostly about what scares them about school. My daugter had to watch Bowling for Columbine in her Government class over the past couple of days and this left her feeling worried and needing to talk.

We talked about gun control, an issue I am on the fence about, by the way. However, it seems my daugher thinks guns should be ban. Her strongest reasoning is that it is too easy for kids to get ahold of them now, and being as kids/teens are so unstable anyway, they need to be kept out of their reach at all costs. I guess since she only got one side of the argument in school, I will once again have to at least show her the other half of the argument so she can see both sides. Once again I have to step in and un-teach my daughter some crazy teacher's political agenda. Ah well. . .the price of freedom in America. . .I wouldn't trade it for the world!

As we were discussing this issue of gun control and school shootings, an opportunity for some instruction from my children came. It seems that the two boys from Columbine were what my kids would consider "emos." This term, "emo," was new to me. It turns out that this is a common teenage term for what my son called "emotionally disturbed" kids.

This was further solidified with me today when I stumbled upon a great readers blog and saw this video description of an "emo." Very funny stuff!!

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I wasnt worried about anything, i was just sitting in on tha conversation dat u and britney were having