Friday, November 9, 2007

Finally Friday Fun

Another new feature and theme day: Finally Friday Fun. I am imagining a list of links and fun for Fridays. For now, I am thinking I will theme it each week with topics that I like, and will go from there.

Today as I commuted in to work, I was listening to Afterglow by Sarah McLachlan and thinking of things that make me happy, and I thought of riding my motorcycle. I am hoping that it will warm up just enough here in Chicago today for me to get a few moments in after work on my bike, if not today, then hopefully sometime this weekend. In honor of my happy thoughts this morning, I figured I would list here some fun motorcycle links, especially those dedicated to women bikers.

Illinois Free Rider Course - This is the absolute best thing I ever did by myself or for myself! Do this if you are even thinking about biking just a little bit! It is worth it. My class was over half women.

Women who Ride - A good starter site with tips and information. - I got my first pair of Harley boots here for a great price, shipping was free and I had the boots the next day. . .Zappos is amazing. Here are the boots I want next (hint, hint).

Harley-Davidson - And of course, this is my next bike, for now anyway (hint, hint). You also have to like the fact that they have an entire section on their site just for women riders.

I am still looking for warm clothing so I can ride a bit longer in the fall and earlier in the spring, so if you have any sites to share please let me know.

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B0RN_$H@DY! said...

yea dats a nice bike, but its some better ones dat u coud choose from