Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Strike is Over, and I Am Proud as a Peacock

As you may or may not have heard yet, the Stagehand strike that has crippled Broadway for about three weeks ended last night around 10:30 pm. This means that today, the show will go on.

And just why does this make me proud as a peacock? You see, my brother has been working very hard since he was in high school to find his place in the world. He at first, I think, believed he would be a singer or actor. . .and he was good. But over the past few years he has tried his hand at many different things, and seemed to find his niche in being a Company Director. He has continuously worked on his theater degree and dreamed only of Braodway.

Well, my hat is very proudly off to my little brother today, for realizing a dream that he has had for years and followed at deep personal cost! Tonight, my brother has his Broadway debut, and I wish with all my heart that I could be there to see it. Tonight my brother will be the Company Manager of the Broadway musical Curtains with David Hyde Pierce!

It may take years, but following your dream and pursuing it diligently, in almost all cases, does indeed pay off. If you are willing to work tirelessly and give it your all, you will be rewarded. For all of you who are on that long road. . .hang in there! Your own breakthrough may be right around that next corner.

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