Sunday, December 2, 2007

5 Things To Do on a Blustery Chicago Day

The weather here in Chicago is treacherous today. There was snow, then rain, then more snow and some more raining. Needless to say, the roads are a solid sheet of ice.

So, I found myself looking for things to do to pass the time on this cold, slushy day and I ended up having quite a good day in spite of myself. I thought I would record what I did, so the next time the weather acts up this way I can immediately beging the fun.

1. Read. I always have two or three books that I have really wanted to get to and just never find the time for. Brew a pot of coffe or cup of tea and you have hours of entertainment.

2. Play video games with your children. Don't have children? Call a friend or get online and meet some friends.

3. Bake. This can be a lone activity or in my case, a chance to turn the gadgets off and talk to my children while we create yummies to consume.

4. Take a bath. Come on, when was the last time you sat down in a tub and really let the heat and some fun bubbles carry you away to warmer thoughts and climates?

5. Catch up with friends. You can pick up the phone, jump online and send an email or IM, or even walk to the neighbor's house for a quick visit. I touched base today with some friends I had not talked to in a while and was reminded of just how important those relationships are. I smiled and had warm fuzzies all over just connecting to others and catching up with them on all the happenings in their lives.

Enjoy the weather!

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Mom said...

Good ideas--I also use the time to plan the budget for the month or week or whatever and pay the bills--but the reading and baking would be my favorite things--hmmm, sounds like a song possibility--you could even blog "these are a few of my favorite things" with the kids--another blustery day in Chicago? It sure is here--have a good one--love, Mom