Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dealing With Christmas Stress - Part 3

The last thing about Christmas that usually stresses me out is the thought of having to decorate the entire house.

Not this year. I have listed a couple of tips below to make holiday decorating quick and easy.

1. Add Christmas tree lights to mirrors and doorways. I know, the sprigs of evergreen and lights looks so nice, but I find that a cheap set of multi-colored lights around a mirror or door frame can quickly decorate a small room (like the bathroom).

2. Place baskets of ornaments on tables and countertops. We all have baskets lying around, and most of us probably have old ornaments that we don't hang on the tree anymore. Put them in a basket for an instant centerpiece. Add some ribbon and you have a very nice new decoration. If you want to do more, paint the basket to match the bulbs.

3. Add handmade snowflakes to windows and mirrors. My kids actually love to make snowflakes and tape them to the windows. Here is a great site with some patterns to use.

4. Another thing I do is decorate pillows with ribbon from past Christmas presents and wrap wall art and pictures like presents.

5. All you need to complete this look is to decorate the tree with traditional ornaments, bows and lights.

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