Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bonding via TV

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? Last night DD and I did some bonding while watching Clash of the Choirs. Now, usually, I hate all of those reality shows. My life has enough reality in it. I want to be entertained when I watch TV, you know, good fiction. Give me a murder mystery, gory though it may be anyday over one of those who can survive this stupid island like adventure longest by being a creep shows. However, DD's main passion in life is music, so this seemed like a show we may both enjoy, and I like choirs, so I figured we would give this new show a try.

I am so glad we did! I don't know if this show would interest me as much if it weren't Christmastime, but it was very enjoyable. The celebrity hosts are fun (to look at with Nick Lachey and Blake Shelton) and the music is actually really good.

My favorite had to be Patti LaBelle's Philadelphia choir, they brought the house down, and the talent was amazing. I personally thought Nick Lachey's was second, but I would guess there will be lots of debate about that one.

If you missed the show last night, you have another chance tonight, or tomorrow, or Thursday. It will be on NBC all this week. Let me know if you watched and what you thought. We sure had fun rockin with the bands.

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