Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Today is an UP Day!

After such a down day on Monday, I was afraid of what Tuesday may hold, but things were good yesterday, and I will take it. A day at a time, I will make it through with my two teenagers, a dd and ds.

DS Had his first swim meet . . .

and it went quite well actually. I had never been to a swim meet and was not sure what to expect, but other than the humidity of the pool area, I enjoyed it very much. He competed in three events and did quite well. I had to put this picture up for his grandparents, they will love it.

DD had fun in the snow . . .

and I was once again amazed by her strength and courage, so unlike her mother. She told me God had answered her prayers for snow so she was going out in it to enjoy the first snow of the season. Quite a change from the night before when she was nursing a broken heart. She is healing quickly and I am just so thrilled that she is grounded somehow . . . where did that come from??!

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Mom said...

okay, I do thank you for the pictures and articles--I am enjoying reading your comments and learning more about you and yours! hope you had an okay day today as well--love you lots, Mom