Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dealing With Christmas Stress - Part 2

As promised, today I will share one of my secrets for dealing with Christmas stress this year. I am cheating.

That is right, the second thing I stress out about most years is all of the baking I have to do in order to take cookies everywhere I go. I am not gonna slave in the kitchen for hours upon hours trying to make the perfect cookie this year! I am going to start with some dough provided by good old Pillsbury, and go from there.

In fact, over at the Pillsbury site they have some pretty darn good looking recipes that I plan to use, as well as some of my own editing of their dough. Why reinvent the wheel? Most cookies consist of sugar, butter, flour, I think that is what is in the Pillsbury stuff . . . right?

And instead of making 30 different kinds of cookies, I am going to narrow in on a couple and do them really well.

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