Tuesday, January 8, 2008

5 New Healthy Changes for 2008

Not really a New Year's Resolution, but my family and I are trying very hard to be healthier.

1. We definitely want to stay away from hydrogenated oils. If you have not read anything about this, I recommend that you do. I am not sure I really think that it is the root of all evil, as some claim, but I do think it is an artificial substance that I can keep my family away from without too much trouble.

2. We are also trying very hard to snack on and eat lots of pure fruits and vegetables. This is not quite as easy in Chicago in the middle of winter as it is in the spring and summer, but it can be done.

3. We are moving from drinking soda to drinking water, and the occasional healthy (100 % pure) juice. I have never been a big water lover, and so neither of my children are either, but we are trying to change that this year.

4. No more artificial sweeteners. I don't really care if they are the best thing since sliced bread or if they really are killing us, they are not natural and therefore we will stop consuming them. I do know that if I have them, I get a certain stomach discomfort that I would rather avoid, and if DD consumes them, she gets headaches. It could be all in our heads, but we feel better without them.

5. Finally, we are gonna move. My DD and I have pedometer and we are going to do at least 10,000 steps 5 days a week. I am also hoping that some of those steps will eventually be at a running pace, but we are starting slow and just walking for now.

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