Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Game Reviews

Before Christmas I recommended some board games, and that post was so popular, that I thought I would add some more recommendations here.

First, let me say that conversations with my kids may not always be easy, but I find if we play board games and laugh together, we have an eaiser week than if we don't spend time bonding somehow.

We have played two games in the past couple of weeks that we adore, one a board game, and one a family Xbox game.

1. Quelf - This is an awesome game! I can honestly say that my DD and I laughed so hard we had to excuse ourselves from the table, if you get my meaning. Be warned, this is not your typical, average, passive board game. You will get up and move, and do things, but I promise the investment is worth it. Learning to play is easy and straightforward, winning is anything but.

2. SceneIt for Xbox - Now this is how a play at home game should be. Have you ever played the family fued home game or the jeapordy home game and been disappointed because you realized that without the buzzer the game just doesn't work? Well the guys over at Xbox have changed all of that. This game comes with a game and 4 controlers so you can buzz in. We have had more fun with this game than any other console game out there. If you have an Xbox, get this game. If you don't have an Xbox, get one for this game, really, it is that much fun. Of course, if you don't watch movies, you may not like this game, but watch for others like it to come out soon.

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Thanks so much for your wonderful note on Quelf. We're so glad you enjoyed it!