Friday, January 11, 2008

Quick Friday Update

Here are just a couple of pictures of our week. Mom and Dad are still my most devoted readers, so this if for them.

Sunday night at the choir concert DD got to do a bit of acting and some singing. Not too bad for her first go. All of them did really well and it was a very nice program.

After a long week, DS had a swim meet last night and he also did quite well. He did 1 medley, the 20 lap free style (forget what that is called) he did the 200 meter breast stroke and another relay at the end. He was tired, but kept going, much like the Energizer Bunny. He loves it when I say that.

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Mom said...

Thanks for the update--I read your blogs daily--had not heard of the Bible study book before--will look it up at Gift & Bible--